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Our Quality Assurance System

Item Grading Specification  

At the Sofa Clearance Outlet, all of our sofas are fully inspected for structural and cosmetic integrity to ensure that they arrive at your doorstep as expected. We will always grade the condition of each item and then price it accordingly. A sofa will only need to meet one of the grading specifications to be categorized into that group; a brief explanation of an sofa’s determined grading category will be available in the product description. We will always endeavour to demonstrate the condition of our items through our product photography and any notable imperfections will be photographed. We are able to answer any questions you may have via our website live chat, email, or phone (See contact page for more information). The functionality and mechanisms of our sofas will always remain intact unless specified otherwise. 

Grade A (Excellent Condition) 

  • ‘Like New’ or ‘Near-mint’ condition. 
  • No structural damage
  • Only minor cosmetic damage (May show unobtrusive imperfections such as shallow scratches and small marks).
  • Very minimal signs of wearing 

Grade B (Great Condition)

  • Some cosmetic damage (May show some small visible scratches/ minor colour wearing/ tenuous stains). 
  • May show some signs of mild general ‘wear and tear’. 
  • May show signs of minor structural damage (such as small chips in legs or small indents on arms/ back).

Grade C (Good Condition)

  • Some more distinct signs of cosmetic damage (May show some more noticeable stains and/or tears)
  • Some more distinct signs of structural damage (May have some noticeable chips)
  • Signs of more noticeable ‘wear and tear’ (Seats may be noticeably worn from previous use). 

Grade D (Fair Condition) 

  • These are items that have failed initial quality inspections but are judged to be in satisfactory condition for sale. 
  • Some mechanism failures (Reclining mechanisms may be faulty)
  • Noticeable structural damage (Clear damage to sofa/chair frame)
  • Noticeable cosmetic damage (may show some larger tears/ stains).